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 Practice Exam Download Page


Thank you for your interest in our Practice Exam Software, on this page you'll find the link to the program along with instructions on use and registration of the software.

NOTE:  Our Practice Exam Software now supports netbook screen resolutions 1024 X 600 and higher.
If software does not display correctly on your netbook please download new version


NOTE: If you can not download this software your antivirus program is probably preventing download. This program is perfectly safe to run and it's virus free. You can safely disregard antivirus warning, download and run program anyway.   


Program is now fully updated and new version 4.00 is now available for download. If you want to by this software you have to download this new version. If you are already registered user update is free and your program will update itself automatically.



Press the above button to download our Practice Exam Software. SAVE the file to your computer, you will be asked to specify the location where you'd like the file to be saved, please choose a location that's easily accessible since there is no need to install anything, this single file is the complete exam program. We recommend saving the file to your desktop. Once the file has been downloaded, double click on it to start the Practice Exam.



The first time you open the program it will automatically be launched as a DEMO version. You will have 10  questions available in the DEMO, you are able to evaluate the program and decide whether you want to register it and get the full version.


In order to REGISTER the program and get the full version you will need to press the BUY NOW button, this will open up a new window as seen bellow:



Please read the WARNING carefully, you should ONLY register the software on the computer you will be using it on, the program is NOT TRANSFERRABLE to a different computer.

On this page you should choose whether you need a TAXI or a LIMO practice exam, each exam has it's own pool of questions, number of questions per exam and time allotted for taking the exam specifically formulated to mimic the real city exams.


Clicking on either one of the buttons will take you to the payment page, the cost of the program is $39.95 and includes 90 days of unlimited exams for either TAXI or LIMO (not both). After the 90 days you will have the option to renew at a discounted rate, but in most cases it is not necessary as you will pass your exam long before the time runs out.




You may choose to pay by credit card or by PayPal. Once the payment process is finished the software will automatically be registered and the next time you start it, it will look like this: (TAXI version shown)




Clicking on the START button starts the practice exam and the clock, you answer the questions by clicking on the letter next to the desired answer, you move to the next question by pressing the "Forward" button. Once a question has been answered the corresponding question number on top half of the window will turn green,  you can choose to skip a question by pressing the "Forward" button. If you skip a question the corresponding number at the top will remain red indicating that you need to return to it. You can also use the numbers at top of the window to navigate between questions.


Good luck and happy studying.




Customer Quotes :


Couldn't do it without, amazing teaching tool.

John K.


The practice exam Looks just like the real thing.

Ibrahim L.


If only I find this site before I failed the school exam, could have saved $275.

Alonso C.


it's sooooo easy.

Ben R.