Requirements for a Restricted (Limo) Public Chauffeur License


To obtain a Restricted Public Chauffeur License you must meet the following prerequisites:


  • You must be at least 21 years old.


  • Have a valid US drivers license for at least 3 years.

(If you have your drivers license less then 3 years, you will be required to successfully complete a driving course approved by the Illinois Secretary of State ( Olive-Harvey College offers approved driving courses )


  • Be able to speak, read and write the English language.


  • Not be affected by a mental and/or physical disability which may impair the ability to operate a public vehicle.


  • Have no outstanding debts with the City of Chicago's Department of Revenue.


  • Have no outstanding child support payments.

(Call 312-744-4006 to settle your child support payments)



Steps to take to begin the process of acquiring your license:




  • Go to Olive-Harvey College at 10001 South Woodlawn Ave, Chicago and register for a Restricted Public Chauffeur course.
    For more information about this course, please contact Olive-Harvey College at 773-291-6100.


  • You will be required to attend 1 day Chauffeur's Training Course at Olive-Harvey College.


  •  You will have 1 year from finishing the course to pass the city test.





  • When you are confident that you can pass the test, go to Olive-Harvey College and register for Restricted Public Chauffeur test.
    Every time you register to take the test it's $30. Test day for Restricted Chauffeur License is Saturday.
    ( You can not do this over the phone. You have to go there. We have reports that people waited for hours just to register for test.)
  • Then you have to go to Olive-Harvey College again to take the test.
  • You have 3 chances to pass this exam. If you fail exam 3 times you will have to wait for three months before you can retake exam another 3 times. After this you will not be allowed to take the test for 3 years.



  • After you pass the exam you will have to go to The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection at 2350 W. Ogden Ave., Chicago.:

  1. Pay $16 license fee.

  2. Go get a drug test within 24 hours ( $30 - $35 )

  3. Go get a complete physical by a Illinois Licensed doctor

  4. Go get fingerprinted.

(They will take your fingerprints at the DOBCP but the results will not be available for about 30 days. If you want your license sooner you have to get fingerprinted at an outside company that delivers results within 24 hours. You can do it at Accurate Biometrics for $42. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR LICENSE UNTIL YOUR FINGERPRINTS RESULTS ARE BACK.)



  • Call 312-553-5949 to confirm that they have your fingerprints results back. Then bring:

  1. Drivers license

  2. Physical Exam Certificate

  3. Court purpose MVR, driving record abstract from any Illinois Secretary of State Office.

(If you have Illinois Driver's License for less then 3 years you will also have to bring Court purpose MVR from the State where you previously had Driver's License)