You can start driving limo and earn income even before you get your limo chauffeur license.


Part time &  weekend shifts available for suburban limo drivers

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773-787-9797 to arrange for quick  interview and training.


Full time positions are also available for drivers with City of Chicago Chauffeur License or Restricted Chauffeur License.




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Becoming a cab or a limo driver used to be easy, but in today's competitive market even those jobs are hard to get into. There is a ton of requirements that new drivers need to adhere to in order to get their license and start driving. Our city government has enacted these new rules in order to protect the public and only allow professional, knowledgeable personnel to operate public passenger vehicles. is your one stop shopping for all information necessary to acquire your Chicago Public Chauffeur License ( also known as Hard Card ). Whether you are interested in a City of Chicago Restricted Public Chauffeur License (Limo License) or a City of Chicago Non-Restricted Public Chauffeur License (Taxi License), this is the place to visit. We offer detailed information on where to go, whom to call and what to learn in order to pass all the requirements.


As a MAJOR bonus, also offers a one of a kind practice exam software that will help you pass both the school exam and the city exam. Our practice exam is based on the most current school curriculum, all the questions have been formulated to mimic the ones from the official exams. Why take the risk of failing the school exam and having to retake the whole course again or failing the city exam and having to wait 3 months before you can attend the course again. Our software will show you if you are ready to take the real thing, or if you need to study more, you will be able to see your weaknesses and what you need to study. Once you are ready and you can easily pass our practice exams few times, you can go and take the real thing, and you'll be able to do it with confidence, knowing that you'll have greater chance to pass.




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